Fees 2018

Membership Type Description If You ARE an ANKC/DogsVic Member If you’re NOT an ANKC/DogsVic Member
Single One person, one vote $20 per year $30 per year
Dual 2 people who either share a ANKC number or reside at the same address, one vote $30 per year $45 per year

We accept Paypal, just “SEND MONEY” to & leave your surname as reference.

You do not need to hold a Dog’s Victoria (or ANKC) membership to join, but you are subject to an extra fee to cover insurance costs.

Membership renewals are due November 31st of every year, If you join us after July 1st, we will include that in your first years membership in order to streamline you with the rest of the renewals.

Download our Application form here:- [HCV MEMBERSHIP FORM]

You can view the HCV Rules here [HCV MODEL RULES]

If you wish to become a member of DogsVictoria and therefore only need to pay the cheaper fee, please visit their website for more details.

For Membership inquiries, please email